the vineyards

Just as with excellent wine, the grapes for Native Grape are selected specially and are harvested with care. The grapes provide for a fruity, fine flavour and are the basis for the so-called second aromas, which are developed in the course of the fermentation.

the grape processing

The grapes are gently squeezed to extract the must with its natural grape sugar. Then the must is refined by Fermentation. During this process a variety of aromas arise and an outstanding beverage is created – completely without alcohol.

the fermentation

The must is then ready for its fermentation. Thereby the kombucha culture transforms the grape sugar into
organic acids. Here, as with wine, the fermentation aromas, which are typical for Native Grape, are developed.

the botteling

After careful observation of the ripeness, the fermentation is terminated by heat treatment. To achieve a harmony of sweetness and acidity, water is added to the fermented grape juice and afterwards it is bottled. Native Grape, the non-alcoholic grape juice beverage is ready for consumption.